ZVLe was founded in 1993 with the objective of exporting high-efficiency ZVL and ZKL rolling bearings for the electric motor repair industry from top-quality manufacturing facilities in the Czech and Slovak Republics. As the business grew we met our customers‘ needs for additional products such as specialized bearing mounting and maintenance tools. Today we offer a comprehensive solution for the supply of rolling bearings, both to Original Equipment Manufacturers and to companies that carry out repairs and maintenance of electric rotating machines.We principally supply the following products:

In addition to these products we are always ready to listen to and address our customers‘ requirements for other bearing types or other equipment for the bearing maintenance workshop.
The corporate office in a 65m2, stocking warehouse in a 440m2 and forwarding area in a 360m2 are located in Bytča. A specialized consignment stock in a 200m2 warehouse is located in one of our strategic foreign markets. Our mission is:

Since our establishment in 1993 we have proven to be a stable and reliable supplier of ZVL and ZKL high-quality electric motor bearings. Through our efforts in exporting around the world the company has become well known to users of quality electric motor bearings in many countries. During the past 20 years we have gained the approval of many well-known companies in the field of electrical rotating equipment globally as evidence of our commitment to providing first-class products and supporting services to our customers.
We are proud of our achievements during this time and we are determined to continue with renewed vigour to gain the rightful market share for ZVL and ZKL bearings in the electric motor repair industry, where high precision, high efficiency and reliability of rolling bearings are considered essential.